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The popularity of Hévíz can be thanked to two factors, it is a world famous spa and a beloved wellness paradise at the same time. In its more than two hundred year-old medicine, everything is centred around the lake of Hévíz, the medicinal water and the medicinal mud. The Thermal Bath of Hévíz awaits bathers and those who want to recover all year round.

Hévíz is a peaceful little town, where repose, recreation and recovery are in focus. It lies just seven kilometers from Keszthely, which is located in the western corner of Lake Balaton. Beautiful ancient trees, parks with lot of flowers, resting areas and hiking-routes function as the island of relaxation making your stay remarkable.

The therapy of Hévíz

Besides balneo-and physiotherapy-with its more than two hundred year-old tradition- everything is given in Hévíz for healing, undisturbed prevention and the recreation of guests. Medicinal mud and medicinal water are parts of the world famous therapy having developed in Hévíz, which are the most important tools of effective curing of several diseases. Our Villa is perfectly suitable for our guests wanting to be recovering because there is only a park between us and the Medicinal Centre of Hévíz.

Hévíz and Lake Balaton

The nearby Keszthely-Mountains provides possibilities for hiking and outings offering superb panorama to Lake Balaton with its several lookout towers. Of course, in summer lidos are in the focus. Lidos afford a lot of organized programs as well and the nearby settlements have also a lot to offer for tourists in summer, too. At the end of the street, the bicycle path-connecting Hévíz to Lake Balaton-begins, so our guests can reach the lake shore by bike as well.

Hévíz offers several enriching cultural and leisure programs for visitors. For example: concerts, exhibitions, annual festivals, theatrical performances, health screenings, advice and other colourful programs to choose from.

Pictures from Hévíz

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