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By using this website, you accept the conditions below regardless to the fact whether you have read them or not.

Being unaware of the terms of conditions does not exempt anybody from liability or responsibility, it cannot be a ground for any excuse if you have committed a breach of them and deriving from this, the present website and/or its operator has had damage of any nature or any kind of drawback. In that situation the case will be settled in a legal way.

Terms of usage

We do not shoulder any responsibility for the data and information on the website or for the possible damage and disadvantage deriving from their application.

We are glad and really appreciate if somebody places a link to our website on his own web-page. Although,

without the written permission of the operator it is forbidden to paste the pages or parts of this present website to other web-pages indicating them as own pages. We distance ourselves from those cases when any links to this present websites are placed on websites unlawfully operated, having obscene content or offending other people and by this it can hurt the reputation and interest of this present website. The operator will make steps in any cases like the above mentioned ones.

Privacy practices and data management policy

The operator of the piroskavilla.hu would like to inform the visitors of the website hereby about its practice on processing personal data, about its organizational and technical measures in order to protect data and about the rights of the visitors in connection with them and how to practise them.

  • The name of the controller:
    Árpád Vértes E.V. (further on: Service Provider)
  • The address of the service provider:
    10 Kossuth Lajos Street, Hévíz 8380
  • Availability:
  • Data management registration identification number:
    Registered, but it does not have any identification number.
  • The description of data management:
    Data management is performed on the voluntary, informed and resolute contribution of users in case of users having registered on our internet website.
  • The legal basis of data processing:

It is done with the contribution of the concerned person on the basis of Act CXII of 2011, Section 5 on the Right to Informational Self-determination and Freedom of Information.

  • The scope of the managed data:
  • Data given at inquiry/contact:
    The personal information given by the user when making an inquiry or a contact will not be given to a third party.

The compulsory particulars of the user when making an inquiry or a contact with us are the following ones:
Name, phone number and e-mail address.

  • Data given at the time of signing up for a newsletter:
    When the user signs up for our newsletter, his/her name and e-mail address given by him/her will be stored in order to send him/her our newsletter. For storing and sending out newsletters the Mailchimp (com) newsletter service provider is used. The stored data will not be given to a third party.

The compulsory particulars of the user when signing up for our newsletter are the following:  Name and e-mail address.

  • To use the website without logging in:
    During the usage of the website, the IP-address of the user, the starting and closing time of visiting the site will be recorded or-depending on the setting of the user’s computer- the type of the browser and the operation system will be registered as well. These data will be automatically logged by the system. The Service Provider will note combine the data of the log file with any other personal particulars.
  • The aim of data management:
  • Inquiry/contact:
    In case of inquiries or contact, the data given by the user will be employed for identifying the user so that we could inform him/her only and exclusively in connection with the inquiry, booking or contact via e-mail or by phone. The user can give his/her contribution to this type of data management by filling in and sending the following web forms: “Inquiries” or “Contact”.
  • Newsletter:
    In case of signing up for a newsletter, the aim of processing data given by the user is to identify the user in order to send him/her the newsletter. For users having registered for the newsletter the Service Provider will send one. The employment of the data for such purpose can be prohibited by the user by unsubscribing. If you do not want to receive our newsletter, you can delete yourself from the newsletter database by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” button at the end of the sent newsletters.  Of course, upon specific demands the user will be also cancelled from the newsletter database by sending his/her request to the following e-mail address:  info@piroskavilla.hu
  • „Cookies”:
    During the usage of this website, a log file will be prepared about some parameters and the IP-address of the user’s computer. These data will be exclusively employed by the operator in order to develop the web-page. This website and some of its applications use small text information files; so-called cookies, which will be stored on the hard drive of visitors in order to identify them and facilitate their further visits. The user of the web-page can decide whether he/she would like to receive cookies or not and furthermore he/she can make a decision about receiving a notification if the visited page sends him/her a cookie. If you allow the usage of cookies in the browser of your computer, you will give your consent to the operator of this website to employ the sent out information for operation. Do not forget if you do not permit the reception of cookies, in that case some services of the web-page cannot be made use of or they can be applied in a limited way.
  • Google Analytics:
    This present website applies the Google Analytics web analytic service offered by Google, Inc. („Google”). Google Analytics uses “cookies”, which are text files placed on your computer in order to help the analysis of the website. The generated information by the cookie concerning the usage of the web-page (including your IP-address) will be sent to the servers of Google in the United States and stored there by Google. Google uses this information for evaluating the website employed by you, it compiles a report on the performed activities on the web-page and sends it to the operators of websites, furthermore it employs the information for offering other services in connection with the performed activities on the web-page and with the Internet usage. Google can hand over this information to a third party if it is required by the law or the given third parties process the information on behalf of Google. Google will not connect your IP-address with the other data owned by Google. By choosing a proper setting for your browser you can reject the application of cookies but we would like to raise your attention that in that case you will not be able to use all the functions of this present website.
  • By using this present website, you contribute to manage your data in the way defined above and for the purposes described above.
  • The duration of data management:
    The Service Provider is entitled to process the data given voluntarily by the user until the user takes up his/her erasure of data option ensured by the Service Provider. (On the basis of the user’s voluntary decision, the Service Provider will delete the data within five working days after receiving the demand for deletion. If the user employs data unlawfully and deceptively or he/she commits a crime then the Service Provider is allowed to erase the registration and all personal particulars at the same time of becoming aware of the illegal activities in a way ensured in the Terms of Usage).
  • The erasure of personal particulars:
    The demand for deletion of the user’s personal particulars have to be sent via e-mail to the following address:  info@piroskavilla.hu The Service Provider will erase the data within five working days after receiving the demand for deletion.  In case of erasure the displayed data cannot be restored.
  • The denomination and address of the data processors:
    Árpád Vértes E.V. (10 Kossuth Lajos Street Hévíz, 8380)
  • The description of data management:
    To perform technical tasks in connection with data management operations.
  • Data security measures:
    Personal particulars are stored on a server owned by the Bábelhal Webstudio Ltd. in Hungary. All the data given by the user who has registered to our website are stored on a safe and closed server by the Service Provider.

The given data during the data management will be known exclusively by developers, online editors and project managers employed by the Service Provider. They have specific or restricted („admin”) access to the data. The Service Provider checks that which employee entered the data base and what time he/she had entered into it. The employees carry out their work with strict confidentiality obligation.

  • Data transfer:
    The data manager will not pass data to a third party besides the indicated ones. This does not apply to compulsory data transfer required by the law, which can happen just in extraordinary situations. Before fulfilling official data request, the data manager will examine whether there is a legal basis for transferring data in case of every data.
  • The possibility for modifying privacy/data management policy:
    The Service Provider has the right to modify this present privacy policy unilaterally with prior notification to the user. You, by using the modified privacy policy after the application of the alteration,  will accept the modified privacy policy.
  • The rights of the users in connection with the management of their personal particulars:
  • Users can request information on the management of their personal particulars. The data manager upon request will inform the user concerned about the data managed by him/her, about the aim, legal basis, duration of data management, about the name, address (registered seat) and his/her activities in connection with data processing and furthermore who and why have received or will receive the data.        You have to send your request for information via e-mail to the following address:   info@piroskavilla.hu  and the person concerned will be answered within 8 working days. Users can ask for the cancellation and correction of their data according to the section referring to the duration of data management.
  • Enforcement options:
    The user can exercise his/her enforcement possibilities on the basis of Act CXII of 2011, Section 5 on the Right to Informational Self-determination and Freedom of Information or according to the Civil Code before court as well, furthermore he/she can ask for the help of the President of the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (dr. Attila Péterfalvi, the President of the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c. Postal Address: 1534 Budapest, P. O: Box.: 834.)

In case of further questions or remarks please, turn to the colleagues of the operator at the following e-mail address:   info@piroskavilla.hu .

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